Monday, 15 June 2009

Time for a quickie!

Well after taking my own advice about Tackle Maintenance it was getting on twenty past nine. A bit late to go out but seeing I'd just renewed my two favourite rigs I thought a wee hour of fresh air wouldn't go amiss. So just nipped across the road, didn't want to go far, and was fishing by half past. Placed my float gently with full 11m of pole and within a few moments of drifting my float disappeared completely. Elastic shot from my pole tip and no sign of fish for a good five minutes of fight. Guiding away from floating reeds and other obstacles, I finally saw my adversary, a Roach but heaviest yet. Played out I had to dismantle rod, no lifting out of water as elastic seemed at limit, and lift by hand and line. A beautiful specimen about 12oz and 11 inches long, in perfect condition and not taking long to revive, shot off after only a few seconds cradled in the water. What a great night!

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