Friday, 26 June 2009

Muddy Water!

Thursday night saw me start fishing about half eight, but things didn't feel promising. A random wind was blowing, quite cool, cloudy overhead and you couldn't see even an inch into the water. It was even cloudier in the water than the sky! Anyway got set up, met another local angler fishing not far from me and shared some recon :) Nothing was moving, no fish rising, flies emerging or any signs of life. Started to think tonight would have been better spent online or watching telly, when float disappeared! A small Roach around 10cm, photo taken then put back. Not a catch to brag about but at least I woke up a bit with the little adrenaline rush it gave me seeing the float go under. Carried on a while longer and though I was into a better fish around ten, which got off the hook I was cold and things were really bleak so called it a night.

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