Thursday, 8 September 2011

Try again!

After my success in changing bait size the day before I thought I'd try again. Tuesday morning I had to take my car into garage, so whilst it was in I wandered along Bankhead Industrial Estate till I reached the canal and started fishing. The wind and rain was quite strong making it difficult to cast and even see my float but after a while it calmed down enough to fish. Ended up with 2 Roach and 2 Perch, all good condition and more than decent sized. Gonna keep up the 2 maggot approach now as it does limit the amount of time spent putting tiny fish back.
Tight Lines!

2 is better than 1?

Monday, went out for a bit of an afternoon session as the weather was nice and enjoy a I bit of sunshine. Fishing my usual rig with single maggot I took 8 Roach in the first hour but mostly small 10-15cm. Whilst fun, I was after bigger fish so I changed to fishing 2 maggots making It harder for small mouths to grab and more appealing to bigger fish. When fishing 2 maggots I put the first on tip to hook and second flat end as this helps keep first one from wriggling off. The change saw me take 3 more Roach, 18-20cm and also a nice Perch of 20cm. Pleased to see my first Perch this year I packed up for the day.