Thursday, 8 September 2011

Try again!

After my success in changing bait size the day before I thought I'd try again. Tuesday morning I had to take my car into garage, so whilst it was in I wandered along Bankhead Industrial Estate till I reached the canal and started fishing. The wind and rain was quite strong making it difficult to cast and even see my float but after a while it calmed down enough to fish. Ended up with 2 Roach and 2 Perch, all good condition and more than decent sized. Gonna keep up the 2 maggot approach now as it does limit the amount of time spent putting tiny fish back.
Tight Lines!


  1. Great blog!

    I fish now and again in Linlithgow, ive found a lot of the fish to be covered this year in Argulus , have you found that out your way?

  2. Great to see you're blogging again. Always enjoy reading about your sessions. I fish the canal too but with lures. Have you stopped till next year now?

  3. Hey Scott sorry didn't reply but work was heavy over the festive period and just back to blog and fishing now. Tight lines!