Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fishers of Penicuik

Just a wee addendum, I'm currently working in Penicuik and found a great fishing shop called Fishers. Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly service. I've added it to my fishy links and remember if you're out and about in Penicuik pop in and check it out. Gotta support our local tackle suppliers.

Summer's here already!

Hi all, hope every one's having a good year. Today was my first chance to go relax and enjoy some of the sights, sounds and excitement that The Union Canal can offer. It's taken a while to get in to a routine with my job so not managed to get out sooner, but the weather this week has been so good I couldn't wait any longer to get out and see what I've been missing. So I started by checking my tackle and setting up a couple of new rigs, I suggest you do the same if you've not been out in a while as knots and line degrade and you don't want to lose anything to save on some line. I decided to start close to home to test the water and within the first twenty minutes I already had two nice wee new season Roach. Bright, sparkling and lively even if only a couple of ounces each. So as is my want I took a wee wander to change swim, second drop saw me take my first Perch of the year and it was obvious what I'd caught by the aggression with which it took the maggot. Well the sun got warmer and the Roach kept coming in about one every fifteen to twenty minutes. So when I felt my skin had cooked enough, after four hours, I was up one Perch and eleven Roach. Had one Roach around 4 ounce and one a wee bit bigger five to six ounce, so it was a very successful first day.