Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Autumn Foraging

Whilst out fishing I'm always on the lookout at natures larder. Now wherever you go you'll find Elderberries are ripening up but not quite time for them yet, Blackberries (Brambles) are still green but fattening up and wont be long before a few will end up on the table. At the moment the Rosehips are ripe and ready to pick, these can be used to make soothing syrups for the winter. These syrups can also be used as a nice addition to your favourite tipple like vodka or gin in particular. You can also use these fruits to make a Rosehip liqueur by adding cleaned hips to vodka, some sugar and letting it mature for a few weeks then passing through a fine tea towel to remove the waste. Rosehips contain around twenty times more vitamin C by weight than oranges and there are many uses listed on the net. Happy foraging and Tight Lines!

Festival Madness

Hi all, with Edinburgh's Festival under full swing things have been busy at work and so no fishing for a whole week!!! Anyway got out on Monday night about eight, sat down and was tackling up when a local couple passing buy started to chat. Nice couple and guy seemed interested in trying the Canal out after giving him some hints, like most people I don't think he thought there was anything in the canal worth fishing for. As they walk off I lowered my hook in the water and watched it lazily drift a few feet. Down it went and was into a fish within seconds, but sadly lost it in my rush to show there was a good reason to fish The Canal. Got my act together and after two or three more drifts a very definite take saw my float disappear from sight. This time there was no escape and I landed a nice 6-7 ounce Roach, good condition and full fins. The next hour passed with me catching another three Roach all between 6-9 ounces. A great hour and a half out and bigger fish all around now the small fry are growing up.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Breezy evening

Went to a nice quiet spot last night to take in the sights and sounds nature provides. Had a quiet start with a few small fish nibbles and was finding it hard to focus on the float with the sunshine and rippled water. After about half an hour float went down positively and landed a 4-5 ounce Roach. Ten minutes later another definite take saw me land a 7-8 ounce beauty, good fight and great condition. Wind had really picked up and after catching one more fish, smaller 2-3 ounce decided it was time to go support my local publican and invest in his wares.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

First night out this week

Hi folks, nipped out for a while last night after a few days of being unable to get out to play due to work. Started fishing just after eight, there was a light breeze rippling the water but a nice and mild evening. Whilst chatting to a local lady interested in taking up fishing, I hooked a couple of tiddlers which gave me hope for some better action later. Right enough around 9.15 pm landed a nice wee Roach around 4-5 ounce, the next half hour saw me land another three slightly bigger 5-7 ounce. All keen takes and great fun to catch and play.
Just getting ready to go out now, heading to a nice spot with good views and clear sunshine for a bit of R&R. Let you know how I get on later!