Thursday, 6 August 2009

Breezy evening

Went to a nice quiet spot last night to take in the sights and sounds nature provides. Had a quiet start with a few small fish nibbles and was finding it hard to focus on the float with the sunshine and rippled water. After about half an hour float went down positively and landed a 4-5 ounce Roach. Ten minutes later another definite take saw me land a 7-8 ounce beauty, good fight and great condition. Wind had really picked up and after catching one more fish, smaller 2-3 ounce decided it was time to go support my local publican and invest in his wares.


  1. Great stuff.


  2. hi marco its john my elastic hangs out about an inch or two from the pole after hooking a big roll of wire whilst my float was drifting on the canal do you have any ideas how to fix it i was hoping to take it to eliburn next time i go

  3. Hi john its not unusual to get elastic strech after a while, all i do is re attatch the tip connector takin up a bit of the slack in doing so. Just pull some elastic from tip, snip it and dont let go! then run it back through the connector, form a figure eight, wet and pull tight.