Thursday, 8 September 2011

Try again!

After my success in changing bait size the day before I thought I'd try again. Tuesday morning I had to take my car into garage, so whilst it was in I wandered along Bankhead Industrial Estate till I reached the canal and started fishing. The wind and rain was quite strong making it difficult to cast and even see my float but after a while it calmed down enough to fish. Ended up with 2 Roach and 2 Perch, all good condition and more than decent sized. Gonna keep up the 2 maggot approach now as it does limit the amount of time spent putting tiny fish back.
Tight Lines!

2 is better than 1?

Monday, went out for a bit of an afternoon session as the weather was nice and enjoy a I bit of sunshine. Fishing my usual rig with single maggot I took 8 Roach in the first hour but mostly small 10-15cm. Whilst fun, I was after bigger fish so I changed to fishing 2 maggots making It harder for small mouths to grab and more appealing to bigger fish. When fishing 2 maggots I put the first on tip to hook and second flat end as this helps keep first one from wriggling off. The change saw me take 3 more Roach, 18-20cm and also a nice Perch of 20cm. Pleased to see my first Perch this year I packed up for the day.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Catchin up!

Hi all, not had time to update over the weekend but here goes!
On Thursday I popped out for an hour and had a great time. First Roach I caught was 20cm and put up a heavy fight. Over the next wee while I caught another 8 Roach, all around 12-15cm except for the last at 25cm and one of the best fish I've caught here.
Friday I spent an hour and a half near the moorings at the Calders. Weather kept changing, putting the fish off feeding for a bit, but I persevered.
Ended up with a tally of seven Roach including a 25cm and a 28cm!
Most impressed with my day I went home quite pleased with myself. I've noticed a lack of interest recently in the pink maggots, all my recent catches have been on white ones. Just thought I'd mention it.

Made it out to Ratho, today near the canal visitors centre. Whilst a nice visit the action was much scarcer than in town. Not a blank though, I had two Roach one 15cm and other 18cm and in lovely bright condition. Both taken just after canal boats had passed, which were many today.
Tight lines!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Bigger and better.

Day off here at last! so set off this mornin for a wee while on the water. Headed over to near the city bypass and was rewarded with a shiny Roach within the first five minutes. A stunning specimen around 6 ounce and 23cm which swept my float under in a definite move, that's more like it! So I carried on, snacking on some apples growing near the water, and within another few minutes was into another roach, 15cm and playful leaping more than once from the murky water. Well after my Salmon wannabe I lost 2 and caught another 5, the last a 25cm nearly 8 ounce beauty. Most impressed with an hour and a half well spent I decided lunch was in order so off I went.
I haven't seen any Perch around, which I found unusual, I really enjoy hooking them as they put up a bigger fight than they're size. Fingers crossed for next time out.
Tight lines!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Back in business!

Well set off today to while away a little time before I go to work, sun was shining and not to shabby a day in general. Went a little further from home and attatched a new rig I'd bought, a Preston Size 18 Light carp rig which I picked up at Country Life. Hooked a fish on the first drop! a Roach 6cm but it managed to thrash its way off the hook. Pooped my rig in near the weeds and this time was rewarded by a healthy 15cm Roach.
Fished for an hour and a half enjoying the sunshine and flora and fauna populating the margins, in which time I hooked 12 Roach and landed 9 of them. Sizes varied from 6-18cm and all very healthy. A great outing with the benefits of finding some wild mint, lovely with some boiled new potatoes and also some wild fennel the tops of which are a great herb to use with fish. Can't help finding things for the kitchen, mind I am a chef and love my food :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tiddlers Galore!

Well I finally made it out for a while today. Such glorious weather that I couldn't pass up the chance to spend a bit of time by the water. My usual setup, 5m Pole, short 1.5m weightless rig, size 18 barbless hook and a pink maggot. Plopped the maggot in the margins and before it had sunk a foot it was taken by a tenacious 5cm Perch. Popped it back and tried again, float disappeared this time to a small 10cm Roach. Well half an hour later and another 5 fish, all tiny I decided I'll come back tomorrow and try further afield in search of some bigger game.
Tight Lines :)

Pemit Renewal


In the summer of 2009 the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling signed a landmark agreement with British Waterways to take control of all fishing on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals.

Having obtained the fishing rights, the SFCA decided to revolutionise the way in which that fishing was controlled and paid for. Instead of continuing with the old ineffective, labour intensive and costly mechanism of selling day and season tickets, a decision was taken to give away the fishing FREE of charge withAnnual Individual Membership of the SFCA.

Annual membership runs from 1st April through to 31st March of the following year and prices are:

  • Adult annual membership – £ 5.00
  • OAP/Disabled annual membership – £ 3.00
  • Junior Annual/Day membership * – FREE

*Junior membership is open to everyone aged 16 years or under on 1st April of the year for which membership is applied.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hey everyone!

Just a wee hello to say I'm still about. Been a hectic year, changed job and no longer working in Edinburgh. Started up as head chef in a new restaurant in Dunfermline, Ciao Italia, new rota and responsibilities have meant no time for fishing, not that I'm not interested just not been possible. Anyway still been watching the water when I get five minutes to go for a walk and its been looking great with plenty of movement. Hope you've all been having tight lines and enjoying time at this fun family venue. Things are more settled now at work and look forward to getting back into fishing the canal soon.
All the best!