Monday, 22 August 2011

Bigger and better.

Day off here at last! so set off this mornin for a wee while on the water. Headed over to near the city bypass and was rewarded with a shiny Roach within the first five minutes. A stunning specimen around 6 ounce and 23cm which swept my float under in a definite move, that's more like it! So I carried on, snacking on some apples growing near the water, and within another few minutes was into another roach, 15cm and playful leaping more than once from the murky water. Well after my Salmon wannabe I lost 2 and caught another 5, the last a 25cm nearly 8 ounce beauty. Most impressed with an hour and a half well spent I decided lunch was in order so off I went.
I haven't seen any Perch around, which I found unusual, I really enjoy hooking them as they put up a bigger fight than they're size. Fingers crossed for next time out.
Tight lines!

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