Friday, 19 August 2011

Back in business!

Well set off today to while away a little time before I go to work, sun was shining and not to shabby a day in general. Went a little further from home and attatched a new rig I'd bought, a Preston Size 18 Light carp rig which I picked up at Country Life. Hooked a fish on the first drop! a Roach 6cm but it managed to thrash its way off the hook. Pooped my rig in near the weeds and this time was rewarded by a healthy 15cm Roach.
Fished for an hour and a half enjoying the sunshine and flora and fauna populating the margins, in which time I hooked 12 Roach and landed 9 of them. Sizes varied from 6-18cm and all very healthy. A great outing with the benefits of finding some wild mint, lovely with some boiled new potatoes and also some wild fennel the tops of which are a great herb to use with fish. Can't help finding things for the kitchen, mind I am a chef and love my food :)

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