Friday, 18 January 2019

Well here are the latest telescopic poles I've added to my collection.
My reason for the purchase was to add some quick lightweight options as I have already started fishing this year. My aim is too get out when I can grab some time, even if for short periods.
So these have been added to my car boot armoury along with a couple of small rucksacks. One with a selection of small light rigs, all set up at home, ready to grab any action when I can. The other with a lightweight fly rod, Shakespeare Graphite Travel Fly, and tackle with a selection of small flies and lures.

I had been a bit under the weather on New Years eve but was greeted with a beautiful clear crisp day on the 1st of 2019. I couldn't let this go to waste so left with fly rod and some small lures and had a wander. I spied a few cautious rises but couldn't coax any bites. Hoping to attract some small pike action, I carried on casting heading out towards Ratho. Just before sunset, due at 15:49, I managed to hook the silver birch behind me. Unhooked the birds nest that I got back and decided to strip down my tackle as light was waning. Everything put away I sat and just relaxed, enjoying the freshness of the day and the New Year. Then as if to provoke me, the dimming sun on the water started to reveal multiple rises. Firstly at the edges just opposite me then more and more further along the canal.
Happy to see some life in the water and also refreshed with the air and sunshine I headed home. 
Maybe next time!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Edinburgh Angling Centre

Hi all!
Been a while since I last blogged but been a bit sporadic in my fishing the last while as work has changed a few times and also had some health problems.
Anyway, just thought I’d let you know about Edinburgh Angling Centre open down at Granton. It’s like Santa’s Grotto for anglers, or even those just interested. The staff were friendly, helpful and not at all condescending.

Edinburgh Angling Centre
Unit E Granton Retail Park, 65 West Harbour Road, Granton, Edinburgh EH5 1PW, UK
+44 131 202 6351

Popped in for a look around, as a good friend had told me about it. Ended up with 2 new rods and some tackle!

Tight lines!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Festive wishes

Hey all, just a few words to let you know what I've been up to.
Changed workplace this year, enjoyed where I was but hated the travelling. So back working in Edinburgh, but not had a lot of time for fishing.
Anyhoo! I'd like to wish all a very happy, merry festive season and hope to be more regular on the blog next year.
All the best!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Maggot drowning

Hey all, popped out for a bit yesterday with my new improved toy. Went along to my favourite stretch near Calder Crescent here and fished from around 11am. First hour passed without any movement but just after midday I got a gentle tug and found my first drowned maggot was gone, this happened another twice over the next 20 minutes. Sunshine was really warm and couldn't help remembering it was snowing the day before! Just before 1pm the water came alive, tiny silver fish flying through the air after the emerging flies. Sadly it was time to go to work and had to pack up.
Be back again soon!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A new toy to my collection!

Monday saw the arrival of a new telescopic whip I'd ordered from Carphunter. At 7m, its 2m more than my usual whip which will help me cover most of the canal now without taking my heavier 11m Pantera take-apart pole. After unpacking I couldn't wait to try out my latest shiny addition, so nipped out after the snow yesterday morning. On first try it isn't too heavy at 635g and feels pretty sweet to use. Sadly after snagging some weed the ring fitted to the top section fell out! Luckily within reach so I could get my rig back. I have this morning cut the top section, fitted a sleeve, No.4 elastic and Preston connector and its ready to roll. At £18 plus £4 to elasticate it it's still good value even if the original fitting was poor. Looking forward to trying it out again asap.

Friday, 6 April 2012

British Waterways Staff

Meant to do this yesterday, just wanted to big up! the British Waterways operators who were doing canal edge management on Thursday. One of whom moored up his vehicle about 25m from where I was sitting, then walked up to explain he was sorry but would be working the whole length I'd inteneded to fish. Courteous, pleasant and quite refreshing he even took the time. Thanks again!

April showers

Well, apart from the company of 2 swans and a coot there were no signs of life today. Still a bit too cold I think.