Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A new toy to my collection!

Monday saw the arrival of a new telescopic whip I'd ordered from Carphunter. At 7m, its 2m more than my usual whip which will help me cover most of the canal now without taking my heavier 11m Pantera take-apart pole. After unpacking I couldn't wait to try out my latest shiny addition, so nipped out after the snow yesterday morning. On first try it isn't too heavy at 635g and feels pretty sweet to use. Sadly after snagging some weed the ring fitted to the top section fell out! Luckily within reach so I could get my rig back. I have this morning cut the top section, fitted a sleeve, No.4 elastic and Preston connector and its ready to roll. At £18 plus £4 to elasticate it it's still good value even if the original fitting was poor. Looking forward to trying it out again asap.

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