Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New season

The new SFCA season permit started April 1st, which if you pay online is now £6 but still great value for a years fishing.
So although a bit early in the year for my Ninja style fishing, grabbing an hour or so when I get the chance, I couldn't resist last weeks gorgeous weather and headed out a couple of times. The setting was lovely, warm, plenty of natural flies on the water and the odd canal boat passing by but no sign of our little friends feeding. Undeterred I tried all depths and colours of maggot but to no avail, even tried some pineapple softbaits I'd picked up! Anyway I enjoyed the birds singing and the glorious weather so no loss. Tried again on Thursday, the setting was the same but after a boat passed I saw the first signs of life, some small roach leaping after emerging flies. Sadly they weren't interested in the maggots I was teasing them with. Then five minutes before I had to go to work, my float surged under. It went left then right then slack, oh well not the first or the last fish lost but got my heart racing and ensured I'd be back soon!

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