Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Catch and Release!

Just a short note, whilst out last week there were a couple of 'fishermen' with a bag of small Jack Pike which they described as food. Whilst I am no saint and even understand the joys of a free meal, as I regularly forage for wild foods surrounding this venue, taking small underdeveloped fish is only reducing the sport for everyone not to mention putting very little on the plate. This is a catch and release water, to give fun and pleasure to everyone for years to come not five minutes in someones stomach. Please think!


  1. Likewise dave, having fished the canal since I was a lad it's a real shame to see people killing the stock. I remember days of a dozen or more pike and shoals of perch all over the place. I haven't fished the canal much in recent years but I'm slowly making my way back to it.