Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Autumn Foraging

Whilst out fishing I'm always on the lookout at natures larder. Now wherever you go you'll find Elderberries are ripening up but not quite time for them yet, Blackberries (Brambles) are still green but fattening up and wont be long before a few will end up on the table. At the moment the Rosehips are ripe and ready to pick, these can be used to make soothing syrups for the winter. These syrups can also be used as a nice addition to your favourite tipple like vodka or gin in particular. You can also use these fruits to make a Rosehip liqueur by adding cleaned hips to vodka, some sugar and letting it mature for a few weeks then passing through a fine tea towel to remove the waste. Rosehips contain around twenty times more vitamin C by weight than oranges and there are many uses listed on the net. Happy foraging and Tight Lines!

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