Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fishing in the rain...

Well what started as a lovely warm sunny day, changed drastically to heavy rain and electric storm! Had one small perch just before 12pm then all went quiet. Very warm in midday sun so decided to come back later. Started up again around quarter past three and by half past was into a fighting Roach. Exciting to play, land and over the half pound at 10 inches. Took another nice one twenty minutes later. Thunder and lightning had started so not wanting to hold on to an eleven metre conductor too much, not a lot of fishing done till it passed. Had one more fish after five when lightning started again and rather than tempt fate I went home happy with another successful day.

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  1. well a was fishing in the canal after a hard day at work, lightly raining so a set up under the bridge a was goin for perch and after i landed 4 or 5 i caught 1 about 4 oz then just before packing up i had an idea to live bait for pike. after about 10 -15 minutes i hooked onto a sensationanal pike at 9lbs 4oz.