Monday, 22 June 2009

My How To and Why?

I’ve already covered tackle and setup in earlier posts so here are some other questions I am asked regularly whilst fishing.
Why am I using a Pole? (This appears to be unheard of in Scotland) because when I fish the Pole I lower my rig into the water without splashing or disturbing, also alerting, the fish. This means I usually get interest on the drop or soon after.
How long do I leave my bait in position? I move my rig every five minutes max, enabling me to find the fish without waiting on them to find my bait. Using this method of lowering the rig allows me to keep searching the swim without spooking the fish and allowing me to cover the area thoroughly. Also if you leave your bait in the same spot much longer you don’t know if it is in a visible area for the fish to find, or if covered in weed.
How long to fish a swim? This is a bit more hit and miss really, I usually move if I’ve had no nibbles or interest within thirty minutes. Could be the fish just aren’t feeding but equally there could be Jack Pike or full grown Pike sitting where you are keeping the wise away. All in all I keep looking both up and down the swim to see if there’s movement anywhere near and move accordingly. Now the problem with this is when shoals are moving up and down patrolling in which case you might be better staying put, but I stick to my method. If the grass looks greener further along I move.

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