Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Roach Trio

Looked lovely outside tonight, sunshine and just a little cloud. Looks can be deceiving, left home at half eight to find a constant breeze and a bit chillier than I'd hoped. Wanted to fish a swim I've not fished for a while and was setup about 8.45pm. Wind is a pain when pole fishing for presentation and controlling the ever flexing pole. Anyway five to nine saw my first Roach positively sink my float and put up a nice wee fight till netted just as a friend was coming over to say hello. For the next while had a few wee tugs of interest then a nice definite pull from my second fish in twenty minutes. No sooner had I taken its photo, settled it back in the water and shipped my pole out again I caught and landed yet another. All three were six to seven inches, bright and healthy. Not wanting to push my luck, three fish in half an hour, and getting a bit nippy out I called it a day.

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