Thursday, 25 June 2009

Late Session

Decided to start a bit later tonight , so left about 9.30 pm, to an open swim I hadn't fished before. Warm night, slight breeze, great panoramic view and midges everywhere! Shipped out my rig and whilst doing so saw a good few rises that looked promising. Twenty minutes in I landed my first Roach. The fish were feeding just below the surface and had more than one try to catch my bait as I was lifting off. Just after ten my float started to move opposite the drift, I thought maybe a bigger fish dragging line but no it was a small Perch taking my maggot for a walk. Landed and put back, I shipped out again and almost immediately caught a very splashy Roach who leapt from my hand once I was putting it back. Called it a night as the swans and thier families were coming along.

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