Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Let me take a moment to explain my recommended setup. This can be for any pole, from a 2m whip to an 11m pole or even a long enough stick! The main item is the Rig, a 5-foot (1.5m) length of 3lb line starting with a figure of eight loop to attach to the pole tip. To this put on a light weight pole float, enough shot weights to set the float at a height so you can clearly see the tip then finish with another figure of eight loop but a little smaller than pole end. To this end I join a Drennan size 18 Barbless hook, I get these from Country Life which comes on a 2lb piece of nylon with loop already to loop to loop connect. I start with float about 2 foot (0.5m) from rod tip and adjust down if fish surface feeding. Favourite bait seems to be Pink Maggot more than any other colour.

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