Sunday, 28 June 2009

Seven Little Ducklings

Had a nice start to the day today. It was damp and misty but not cold when I left, around half ten. Water still looking murky but I'd seen some movement on my way along so not discouraged. Missed the first gentle take but was soon into a fine specimen of a Roach. Ducked and dived and put up a good fight, around six ounces and good fins. The morning went in fits and starts thereafter, but was regularly into catches till one o'clock I'd landed five Roach and lost two. Nipped off home for a while, had some things to catch up on, then went back out around eight tonight. Nothing moving until i threw a few sprinkles of casters in, then caught a small Roach on the drop. Then nothing for another hour when i caught second Roach of the evening around 10pm. Had a nice wee visit from a mother duck and her young who weren't shy so took a short video clip before packing up

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