Saturday, 25 July 2009

Duddingston Loch?

Hi all, was wondering has anyone tried fishing Duddingston Loch recently?
I fished there when I was young so got in touch with Ranger service to find out about permits. They sent details that follow:
We issue the permits here in the Education Centre Holyrood Park – which is a small low lying grey building set back from the flat playing fields across from Queen’s Drive. Our contact phone number 0131 652 8150. permits are free and last from one year. Fishing at Duddingston are catch and release.


  1. went down there last year throwing some lures around for pike with no luck , i did however see a very large carp on the surface , if you fancy meeting up to fish it give me a shout id love to have another try

  2. Sounds good to me, will give you a shout as soon as I get a chance to go get a permit. Working silly shifts just now covering summer holidays but will do my best to get one soon.

  3. hi marco i have fished duddingston loch and go there quite often it is a good venue hard to catch but good. i lost a nice carp the last time i was there my rod bounced out of the rod rest got it in a bit but it threw the hook at the last minute (thats barbless hooks for you)like i said hard to catch but good fun. i have also updated my blog about eliburn if you want a look. tight lines mate

  4. Cheers mate for the update, will check out your Eliburn visit now. All the best!