Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Warm Evening

What a lovely night last night! It was warm with a pleasant breeze. Midges were out in full force, I seem to be donating more than my share of blood this year to their well being. Anyway although the water had cleared considerably and the temperature was good there weren't many signs of feeding fish. Nearing nine I started to get some interest then ten to nine float surged under. Decent Roach, 5-6oz at 7 inches put up a respectable fight leaping from the water before giving up. Nothing more till ten when once again a positive take saw my float disappear from sight. This time even better fighter and had to dismantle pole to hand line Roach from water as too heavy to lift with my setup. Stunning fish, full finned and in great condition 8-9 inches and a good 8oz. Hit one more fish almost immediately after, a 2-3 inch Roach had taken double maggot! Whilst impressed with its tenacity
not a fish to really brag about, so packed up happy for the night.

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