Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Playing with my Thingamabobber!

Had to get out tonight, was my only chance before Sunday as covering extra shifts at work just now. Anyway was in Country Life recently and picked up a pack of these Thingamabobbers from USA. Basically like a wee light bubble float but you attach by putting loop of line through eye and taking loop around bubble, you can then slide it up and down line easily to adjust depth. Well tonight was trial night so made up my usual four foot mainline to two foot hook length popped on Thingamabobber but didn't bother with weights as planned fishing the surface. Started fishing after nine and on first drop saw the float bobbing along in the wrong direction and was into my first Roach. The next hour and a half saw me catch another seven Roach, all between 2-6 ounce but great fun with these floats. Most of the fish didn't know they were even hooked till it was too late. I would suggest these to anyone as they are easy to attach, High visibility and very light for presenting even on the stillest water.
Tight Lines all!

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