Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hot and Sticky

Last night was very hot, airless and humid. Took my 5m telescopic whip as I felt like being a bit more mobile. I'd been fishing for more than an hour, and thought I was going to blank, before I got my first nibble about 10.15pm. Presented my bait in the same spot again and was into a wee Roach. Put back, I flicked the whip out again in the same area and bang another Roach. So I slung my seat box over my shoulder and started to fish my way home. Flicking the whip out and only allowing it to settle 20-30 seconds each cast as I moved along. This method saw me catch another six Roach and a solitary Perch before I reached my path home. Nine fish in forty-five minutes of action, not bad.


  1. Very Hot and Sticky.

    I had my first go at the canal today. Started at Cargo, where the boats arer and wandered up to the blue bridge. Literally Hundreds of roach of all sizes just under the surface but nothing could induce them to feed. Were they spawning, or is that normal? It was very frutrating as I was using a light hooklength and good presentation.

    In the end I had to settle for 5 small perch that were pulled from under a narrow boat. I stopped at about 9 so perhaps if I had hung around I may have done better.

    Saw a bunch of small jack pike all about 6-8oz in ize. That seemed unusual too.

    I enjoyed myself but feel that maybe in future I may stay outside the pub and fish for some pike!

  2. Hi Ewan, you weren't alone on the unresponsive Roach yesterday. Like I said I had no response at all till after 10.15. Congrats on the five Perch, although most are small I find them very aggressive and fun to catch. As for the small Pike, yes that's normal and the way of things is most will become food for the few larger specimens that lurk in the deeps. I hope you continue to fish for species other than Pike as you will find them a great and plentiful sport, whilst fishing for Pike tends to be very hit and miss and mostly the latter. Anyway sounds like you were doing everything right if you got the Perch. All the best and Tight Lines!