Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Cloudy skies & cloudy water

Not so nice weather last night, rain in the air, pretty grey and the water a murky brown again. Still thought I'd chance my luck for a couple of hours so went out after eight. Went to a swim that's been good to me near the local Police station at Murrayburn, but after an hour the only thing moving were the small Roach. Had 3 in all 1-2oz and a far cry from the fish I'd caught here before. So decide to change swim and move closer to home also it looked like some rain was moving in too. This swim is usually a mixed bag of Roach and Perch and as I approached I saw the tell tale signs of some fish leisurely feeding near the surface. As I sat down I noticed something feeding in the reeds right at my feet, so being a bit opportunist I dropped my rig right next to it. No sooner had the line straightened out the float was pulled right under, a nice wee Roach about 4oz. Had another two fish of similar size over the next half hour but the big boys didn't seem interested. So after some interesting chat with another local angler I decided to call it a night.

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