Monday, 27 July 2009

Sunday's are too short!

Hi all, hoped to go out early yesterday but when I got up it was pouring down, so decided to leave it till later. The afternoon was nice and sunny so left it till evening and went out about half eight. The first half hour was devoid of movement apart from the annoying gusting wind and was wondering if I should have gone in the afternoon. Well a few minutes after nine I got some wee nibbles, which after presenting in the same area again I got my first Roach about 4 ounce, clean and lively. Over the next forty-five minutes I had another six fish, all Roach and between 4-8 ounce except one which was in the 1-2 ounce class :) Turned out a lovely night and whilst being asked by some teenagers if there were any fish in the canal a nice wee Roach decided to play along and take my rod for a dance as proof. A good day but why do days off seem to go so fast?

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