Sunday, 18 October 2009

My smallest catch ever!

Well another gorgeous day yesterday so couldn't waste it. Went out around 2pm again and thought I'd try the mooring behind Westerhailes petrol station as I've not been there for a while. Set up in lovely warm sunshine and saw some fly activity on water so things looked promising. An hour and a quarter dragged by, my confidence sinking into the depths. Apart from a rat skulking from the bushes to the water I'd seen no movement at all! Then it all changed, caught a nice shiny Roach about 4-5 ounce, put back and popped new bait on. Went for the same spot and again another Roach a bit smaller but still nice. Noticed much more timid takes, think cause the water is really cold now. This time I didn't even see float twitch, I just noticed it had stopped drifting and right enough another but about 2-3 ounce. Next cast a wee one about the same size, seems like a new crop of tiddlers. I topped my day off when I saw float bobbing, lifted and looked like I'd caught a bit of silver paper. It was without question the smallest fish I have ever caught. At 3 cm i didn't even think it was possible for it to take the hook, even the maggot looked impressive next to it :) So decided it was time to go, really nice couple of hours and a good bit of fun.


  1. nice to see your getting out marco great posts as always , its amazing how those small fish try and eat maggots

  2. Cheers Dave feelin a bit better about things in general and really enjoyed last couple of days fishing, tight lines!