Monday, 26 October 2009

It had to happen sometime, a blank!

Well had a great year so far but Saturday ended my unbeaten run. Went out around two and was greeted by a brisk breeze, not my favourite weather. I find wind is my biggest problem when fishing in general and especially on the canal as it makes bites very difficult to see. With the choppy water you either keep striking at every possible movement of the float or you end up missing bites. Anyway after about half an hour and changing swim I got a very cautious bite, but was off. So cast again to same spot and once again a very gentle drag at my bait but nothing there. Well wind picked up and decided to try deeper rig but after another hour and no more takes I decided to go and try another day. My first blank in such along time. I'd seen some berries on my way down so went of to do some recon on way home.

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  1. keep at it mate winter can be a great time for the roach