Friday, 16 October 2009

Long time no see!

Hi folks, gotta start with an apology for not blogging for what seems like ages. I am currently seeking work and whilst this means I have more time I've not been in the mood for fishing with a few financial worries on my mind. Anyway that's my problems moaned about back to fishing.
Went out last Wednesday, but like its been a lot recently, it was really windy and hard to keep sight on float never mind see any takes. None the less caught and landed a nice shiny Roach about 10 ounce within first few minutes. Missed 3 takes in a row and water was rough so decided to call it a night.
Today was so nice out I couldn't not chance my luck packed my gear and started fishing about 2pm. Ten minutes in float disappeared into the depths but not quick enough and it was gone. Nothing much happened for half an hour till once again float vanished from sight, this time I was alert and tightened firmly into a lovely bright 7-8 ounce Roach. Pleased with myself, changed maggot and popped it into a nice fishy looking spot. It hadn't drifted 2 foot before I was into a seriously annoyed Roach, around 9-10 ounce but bite mark on one side. Photo taken, put back, change maggot and presented again. Missed another on the drop! So decided when it went all still it was time to call it a day at four.

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